1. Hello Rudy,
      Thank you for commenting. We will be updating the blog soon. We suggest that you sign up for our email updates, because we send the “freshest” news out there. Blessings on you! ~Kaitlin for PCCR


  1. Hi! Love that you all are doing this. I’m wondering if you have any updates on how the flooding might have affected the areas that these camps are in? Or if they were able to remain safe.


  2. I met one of your teams on their way back from Nepal on Tuesday. I was impressed with their maturity and wisdom. Thanks for your work, your witness, and your influence in our hurting world.

    Luke S Fetters
    Professor of Minustry and Missions
    Huntington University


    1. Kenton;
      Go to the top of the Home page, click on ‘Volunteer’ then select ‘International Volunteer Application’ from the drop-down menu. Fill out the application and send it in by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button on the bottom.
      Thank You.
      God Bless You


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