Houses of Hope


We are launching a new fund raising campaign called ‘Houses of Hope’ aimed at raising money to restore not only houses but hope to the refugees that were driven out of Sinjar by ISIS soldiers and have been living in tents and temporary shelters on the mountain since August of 2014.

There are approximately 4000 to 5000 houses in Sinjar that can be made livable again with just a little money and a whole lot of labor. $1500 will be enough to buy new glass for the windows, buy new doors or repair the ones that are there and clean out the smoke damage with cleaning solutions and a pressure washer in each of these houses. Of course, the expense is going to vary by house but that’s a pretty good estimate given to us by the crew that is currently working over there to do just that, restore not only houses, but homes for the refugees.

But the needs are great and the battle is very real. Frank’s short but extremely intense bout with the Peshmerga general just reminded us once again that until this little band of Gideon’s warriors marched into Sinjar this region had been pretty well left to the devil. And he’s not too happy that we have decided to take it back for the glory of God!

Please join us in prayer;

  1. That the strongholds of satan would be torn down and that the name of God would be lifted up in this place.
  2. That God would continue to soften the hearts of the people we are working with and the teams would have opportunity to show them the love of God.
  3. That the team would have the strength and the sensitivity to the Spirit to continue to respond as He would desire.
  4. For God’s peace in the midst of this turmoil that is the Middle East.
  5. And also for those who are laboring in this work stateside as well.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer! We can feel the prayers.

Click Here To See A Poster For Houses Of Hope

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